by Ultyma

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released March 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Ultyma Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Liberation
Ripping you apart to reconstruct my parts
Making your face turn to blue to start anew
I just won’t be able to clear my head
Until I finally see you drop dead

Hovering over our youth, preying on them
Feeding them your venom, feeding them your game
Under false pretences of blissfulness
Stealing away their lives and laying them to rest

Feeding on despair
Infecting our air
Time to end the lies
Time to say goodbye

Spreading cancer everywhere you go
Latching parasite, never to let go
For all the times you’ve presented yourself as a cure
The time has come to reveal that you were nothing but a curse

Feeding on despair
Infecting our air
Time to end the lies
Time to say goodbye

Masquerading as a blessing
Only to cut off our wings
Breaking free from your embrace
The only choice that I’ve got left
To save myself

Solo : T. O'Brien
Solo : K. Chartré

Feeding on despair
Infecting our air
Time to end the lies
Time to say goodbye
Track Name: Shepherd Of Mayhem
A twisted man locked within the confines of his mind
Altering his reality to be free of society
Losing himself, losing all notion of time
Turning into another being, split personality

Never really asleep….never really awake

Hellbent on releasing us from the chains of greed
Leading the way towards an utopian world
Reducing us to zero, the only way to be freed
A path to freedom, a path to the afterworld

Only after disaster….Can we be resurrected

Solo : T.O'Brien

Enslaved by our possessions, such futile distractions
Leaving us contemplating, is this what we’re becoming?
Total annihilation, a way out from this prison
After we’ve lost everything, we’re free to do anything

Solo : T.O'Brien

He’s the Shepherd of Mayhem (x4)
Track Name: Final Breath
Blood all over my hands
God, What have I done?
At least, now we’ll finally be one
Only memories remain, as I bury your remains

Never thought I’d get to this point, now there’s no turning back
No one else will get you, you’ll fulfill your contract
You will be mine forever, now that I’m crossing over

Our screams go unheard
Sweet dead silence
Everything is now much clearer
Something better awaits us in this new existence

I now fill the piece with lead and place it to my head
Giving up the ghost is nothing that I dread
Ecstasy’s running through my veins, as I take my Final Breath

Soon, we’ll meet in death

Solo : T.O'Brien
Solo : K.Chartré